Invited Speakers

The workshop will be divided into six sessions, with the following invited speakers opening the sessions
Session 1: Kinetic physics in the Edge/SOL Plasmas
M. Dorf (LLNL) Continuum kinetic modeling of axisymmetric plasma transport at the edge of a divertor tokamak 
Session 2: Pedestal, L-H transition, rotation, ELMs
M. Hoelzl (IPP Garching) What non-linear simulations can teach us about ELM physics
Session 3: Plasma edge/SOL turbulence (fluid models)
P. Tamain (IRFM/CEA)  Mean field and turbulent transport in divertor geometry
Session 4: Divertor and PWI physics
K. Ibano (Osaka University) Simulation study on the vapor shielding at solid walls under transient heat loads using weighted particle model
Session 5: Mean field plasma edge fluid modeling - Theory/numerical aspects
W. Dekeyser (KUL) Divertor design through adjoint approaches and efficient code simulation strategies
Session 6: Mean field plasma edge fluid modeling - applications/comparison to experiments
S. Brezinsek (FZJ) Recent experimental results in edge plasma physics
Note that titles are still preliminary at this stage.
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