Proceedings (UPDATED)

The refereed proceedings will be published as a volume of Contribution to Plasma Physics. The length of contributed papers is limited to 6 pages, and for invited papers it is 8 pages (paper lengths refer to the final layout in the journal).

Please note that the journal layout has changed a couple of months ago. The link below points towards the new journal template, which produces a pre-print type manuscript. Experiments with 6 pages long papers in the old template show that this correspond to approximately 10 pages in the new format (pre-print mode). Thus, for a contributed paper you can either use this new template (10 pages in pre-print), or the old one (limit 6 pages, conversion to the new format made by the publisher), 

Instruction for the manuscript preparation can be found here, including the new template files.

If you would like to stick to the old template, the files are there.

Manuscripts have to be submitted directly into the publisher system

Please make sure you declare the manuscript to be part of a special issue (step 1) and then select the proper one at step 5 ("Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices, PET16").

Figures have to have a resolution not lower than 300 dpi.

The deadline for manuscripts submission is the 29th of September.

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